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“Dr. Aliette Frank demonstrates how the intimate, personal story is always interconnected with the historical, political, cultural, and social stories that write national and international myths, boundaries, ideologies, and hostilities. Frank is an engaging storyteller with a scientist’s penchant for details and connections, and an artist’s gifts for rendering the seemingly incalculable mysteries that write each day’s experience.”

-Dr. Carl Leggo, Poet & Professor, University of British Columbia

 ”You won’t be able to put down [Aliette's] extraordinary book. One of the most terrifying stories I’ve ever read. . .”

-Sharon Butala, Author of national bestseller The Perfection of the Morning

 ”[Aliette] shows that it is possible to find hope and survival and healing in times of struggle. . . [She] give[s] even those caught in the most hopeless of situations the strength to endure and overcome.”

-David Morley, President & CEO UNICEF Canada; Past Executive Director Médecins Sans Frontières


My expertise (PhD Education & Sustainability) is combining complex scientific information with story and storytelling,  to explore more interdisciplinary understandings of sustainability. As both a trained scientist and visual artist at heart, my works investigate how we can negotiate our best understandings of the world– both technical and creative– to construct a better future. For the academic and community contributions of my doctoral research, I was awarded as a Trudeau Doctoral Scholar (Canada). My wilderness certifications include Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, US National Ski Patroller, and Search & Rescue Team Medical Technician (New England). The moments of greatest purpose and connection in my life are when I am outside in nature, with the pages of my journals and pencil in hand. I have reported from the icefields of Alaska, to the estuaries of Costa Rica, to the high alpine of New Zealand, to the tropical forests of Africa. My writing has appeared in publications such as National Geographic World, National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic News, The New York Times- Scientist At Work, Sports AfieldNational WildlifeTerrestrial Ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar: A Conservation Assessment, and The Mountain Reader  and American Nature Writing  anthologies.


 Illustrations, Aliette Frank (2012)




 Selected Awards:

Outdoor Writers Scholar (Backpacker Magazine)

Outdoor Youth Writer of the Year  (Outdoor Writers Association of America)

Environmental Research Fellow  (Dartmouth College)

Invited Scholar  (Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources)

The Burly Mountain Woman Award  (Dartmouth Outing Club)



 I live (and write from) the Dreamtime; dreams are as important to me as waking reality.


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 Photo credits: Matthew Beedle (top), Steve Frank (bottom)

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